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       ¹ 4 (24), 2013       Pedagogical Sciences

Electronic Scientific Specialized Edition
"Naukovyi Visnyk Donbasu"
("Academic Bulletin of Donbas")

¹ 4 (24), 2013
was put into print by the decision of Academic Council
of State Institution Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University
(record of proceedings ¹ 9, 26.04.2013)



Kanishevska L. V. Pedagogical Support of Boarding School Senior Pupils: the Content of Preparatory Work with Teachers

Tolkachova A. S. The Methodology of the Implementation of Educational Class System “Moving to Communicative Competence” into Extracurricular Activities of Boarding Schools

Yakibchuk M. I. The Interrelation of Tolerance and Value Priorities of the Person


Areshonkov V. Yu. “The Content of Sosial Education” in the Conceptual System of the Historical and Methodological Research Research

Balabust N. Yu. Teaching Externship as a Form of the Teachers Training for Educational Sphere in Podillya Region (late XIX – early XX Ñenturies)

Kryshko A. Yu. The Reflection of the Ideas of Wilhelm von Humboldt in the Context of the Development of the Ukrainian Language in Ukraine in the 19th – beginning of the 20th Centuries

Maistruk O. M. Vasyl Karazin and Philotechnickal Society (1920s)

Osobov I. P. The Role of Higher Educational Environment in the Formation of Students’ Creativity

Palad’eva A. F. The Role of Ancient Languages in Educational Content in Secondary School during 1898 – 1905

Paskalenko V. V. Technical Means of Teaching and Educational Films as Necessary Methods of Presentation of Material at Secondary Technical Schools in Ryumin’s Pedagogical Works (the End of the 19th – beginning of the 20th Century)

Petukhova I. O. Child as Object of Psychology-Pedagogical Researches (the History-Pedagogical Analysis)

Sbitneva L. Ì., Polianska K. V. The essence and peculiarities of music and aesthetic education of children and youth in Ukraine in the 1970s

Tkacheva Yu. G. The Problem of Forming Readiness for the Maternity in Domestic Pedagogical Science

Feshchenko G. V. Methods of Future Teachers’ Training for Regional Ethnography Work at School (20 – 30th of XX Century)

Khmelivs’ka S. I. Foreign Language Study in Establishments of Real Education of Kyiv Educational District (second half of the 19th – the beginning of the 20th Centuries)


Byrko N. M. Specific Features of the Development of Tolerance in Primary School Pupils

Vereschenko T. V. Domestic and Foreign Approaches of Formation the Naturecentric Ecological Position of Students

Lavrynenko O. V. Organization of Students’ Self-Education in the Context of the Development of Organizational Culture in Modern Evening Schools

Muranova N. P. The Programme for Experimental Research into High School Students’ Competence in Physics and Mathematics for Technical University Studies

Nezhyvyi Î. ². The Educational Potential of Hryhoriy Tyutyunnyk Secondary School Literal Museum

Roman S. V. Object, Subject and Socio-natural Environment as the Pedagogical System Components of the Ecohumanistic Values Formation in School Chemical Education

Tsiko I. G. Psychological and Educational Approaches to the Formation of Ethnic and Cultural Knowledge of Teens During the World Literature’s Study


Horobets D. V. Introductation of Matrix Structure Administration às Condition for Pedagogical College Development

Lenchuk I. G. Geometrization and a visual representation of stereometric problems

Lysenko I. O. The Ways of Increasing of Competitive Ability of Higher Educational Establishment (the Experience of Marketing Department of Luhansk Taras Schevchenko National University)

Kushnarova T. I. Scientific Students’ Internet-Conference on Foreign Languages in the Non-linguistic High School using the Program Skype

Panchenko L. F. New Trends in Data Analysis

Razorenova M. V. Lecturer’s Features and Characteristics, which Affect the Quality of HigherEducation: the Results of the Interrogation of Students, Teachers and Senior Managers of Universities

Safonova I. H. The Structural Model of Philological Training of Students to Develop Spiritual Needs of Secondary School Students by Means of Preventive Measures

Ten E. P. Theoretical Foundations of the Development and Implementation of Multimedia Educational System of the Discipline “Professional Pedagogy”

Hu Rongxi. The Concept “Adaptation” in the Context of Modern Scientific Discourse


Babayan S. B. Historiographical Survey of the Research on Confucius’s Pedagogical Ideas in Europe

Syngh Yu. I. The Issue on the Formation of Healthy Lifestyle in Youth in the Periodicals of Great Britain

Shtyfurak A. V. The Experience of the Implementation of Immersion Education in Finland


Anad Ali Shaheid. Artistic Heritage as One of the Methods of the Formation of National Consciousness of the Prospective Fine Arts Teachers

Apanovych T. I. Combination of Traditional Education and Components of Distance Learning in the Process of Studying the Course “Higher Mathematics”

Broda M. V. Tendencies of Organization of Students Independent Work in English

Vereitina I. A. Method of Professional Knowledge Estimation Results Reliability Analysis

Petrishen O. H. O. Zaluzhnyi on the Theory of Collective Education of Children

Potapchuk T. V. National Character of Ukrainian People as a Component of National and Cultural Identity

Prokaza O. T. Modern Problem-based Education as a Specific Educational System (Theoretical Aspects)


Adamenko O. V., Tkachenko O. V. The Technique of Content Analysis of Publications on Vocational Training of Public Servants

Kazarinov Yu. I. Competence Approach in the Training System Formation for the Project Manager During Teaching the Academic Discipline “Intellectual Property”

Molchanova T. Î. Systematic Mechanism of the Creative Laboratory for Piano Accompanist and Soloist

Ponimanska T. I. Training Teachers to Educate Preschool Children in Humanistic Paradigm

Umerova L. D. The Stages of the Formation of Professional Preparedness of Prospective Safety Engineers to Use Information Technologies

Chudina O. L. Synergistic Effect of Using “Graph–Thesaurus” Model in the Formation of Oceanographic Knowledge of Prospective Geographers

Shevchuk O. B. Economical Cases System as a Method of Professional Competence Development of the Future Experts Specialized in Finance and Economics

Shofolov D. L., Ridey N. M., Syts’ka A. V. Peculiarities of the Expert Employment Setting of the Prospective Ecologists

Yusef Yu. V. Priorities of Professional Socialization of Medical Students