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        1 (25), 2014       Pedagogical Sciences

Electronic Scientific Specialized Edition
"Naukovyi Visnyk Donbasu"
Academic Bulletin of Donbas")
1 (25), 2014
was put into print by the decision of Academic Council
of State Institution Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University
(record of proceedings 5, 27.12.2013)



Galenko T. P. Features of Formation of the Valuable Relationships of Older Adolescents to Their Own Health

Prosina O. V. Peculiarities of Using the Project Technology at the Lessons of Artistic Culture in Schools of General Education

Hodyreva Yu. G. The Essence of the Concept Information and Communication Technologies and the Validity of Their Use in Learning Mathematics


Volkova N. P. Students Attraction to Research Activities as the Most Important Task of Modern University

Goncharova O. A. Motivational Component of Future Teachers Readiness for the Innovative Activity

Ivaniy O. M. Integrated Special Course on the Formation of Legal Competence in Training Future Teachers

Koycheva T. . Experimental Study of the Assessment of Organizational Culture of Pedagogical University by Doctors in Philosophy

Petrishin O. V. Modern Methodological Approaches to Study the Problem of Professionally Applied Physical Training of Future Doctors

Rohova V. S. Influence of Modern Information Technologies on the Quality of Two-level System of the Higher Engineering Education

Chernenko O. V. The Pedagogical Model and Methods of Occupational Adaption of Managers in Commercial Organizations

Shcherbakova H. V. Problem of Formation of Polycultural Competence of Medical Students in Modern Pedagogical Theory


Marina O. V. Conflicts and Ways of Prevention in an Academic Group of First-Year Students Group


Biletskaya I. O. Models of Bilingual Education in the U.S. Secondary Schools

Kalashnyk L. S. Social partnership in public guardianship of orphans in China

Stashevska I. O., Polianska K. V. Modern Innovations in Extracurricular Music Education (Foreign Experience)

Pododimenko I. I. The Peculiarities of Content of Bachelors of Computer Science Training at the Universities of Japan

Chervonetska S. S. Images of Nature in the English Folklore as a Moral Ideal of Childrens Family Upbringing in Great Britain