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         1-2 (39-40), 2019       Pedagogical Sciences

Electronic Scientific Specialized Edition
"Naukovyi Visnyk Donbasu"
Academic Bulletin of Donbas")
1-2 (39-40), 2019
was put into print by the decision of Academic Council
of State Institution Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University
(record of proceedings 9, 29.03.2019)



Popova L. . QR Code: Problems and Prospects of Application in the Ukrainian Language Textbooks for Grades 10?11


Akhmed K. Artistic and Aesthetic Education of a Person: Theoretical Vectors

Diachok N. V. The Professional Mobility Formation of Future Languages Teachers n the Educational Environment of the University

Kostenko D. V., Chernukha N. M. Formation of Intercultural Competence of IT Students in the University's Educational Environment

Kravchenko O. I. Pedagogical Conditions of Competence Formation for Strategic Management of Future Managers of Educational Institutions in Terms of Master's Degree

Meniailenko O. S., Shevchuk O. B. Quantitative Analysis of Research on the Problem of the Use of Intelligent Information Technologies in the Professional Training of Finance and Economics Specialists

Molchaniuk V. A. Means of Formation of Informational and Communicative Competence of Specialists in Physical Culture and Sports

Fedorenko E. G., Rozhkov S. I. Information and Communication Technologies as a Guarantee of Improving the Quality of Training of a Future Specialist


Spivak Ya. O., Honchar L. V. State Policy of Social Protection of Youth Rights in Ukraine: Realities and Prospects